Calvin and Hobbes

Written and Illustrated by Bill Watterson

Website by Sam Harbage

A Brief History

   Calvin and Hobbes is about an imaginative six-year old boy (Calvin), and his imaginative and energetic stuffed tiger (Hobbes).  The two are named after John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes; Calvin being a 16th century French reformer and Hobbes being a 17th century English political philosopher.  The first strip released was on November 18, 1985 and immediately was a hit.  Within a year of its publication, 250 newspapers had already adopted it to their daily releases.  The 3,160th comic strip, the last comic strip, was released on December 31, 1995.  At the height of their career, Calvin and Hobbes were being read in 2,400 newspapers nation-wide.  Set in an unknown suburbia in the Midwestern United States, the comic mainly fantasizes with Calvin's imagination and misadventures, his friendship with Hobbes, the pair's diverse views on cultural and political issues, and the relationship between Calvin and his parents.  Since the final publications of Calvin and Hobbes, many critics say, "Their has been a hole that no other comic has been able to fill."

 [BELOW  LEFT] Calvin and Hobbes crossing a log over a creak in their backyard.  This is one picture that any reader of Calvin and Hobbes comics will immediately recognize as a classic or memorable.Calvin and HobbesThomas Hobbes and John Calvin








 [ABOVE  RIGHT] 17th Century English political philosopher Thomas Hobbes and 16th Century French reformer depicted crossing a log over a creak in the woods.  This is one of many famous pictures by Bill Watterson that help people remember the tales of Calvin and Hobbes.

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