Iran's Current Events & Its Impact on Political Science Majors

Any student with an avid interest in the workings of political processes, governments and public policies will find a Political Science major to be the perfect match. Offered at nearly every college and university in some form or another, including Towson, students will find themselves immersed in courses that focus on a wide range of topics, such as international relations, political economies and comparative politics to name a few.

Contrary to popular belief, political science majors don't just study the inner workings of politics as they relate to the United States. A large part of it does focus on the U.S., especially due to its long and well-documented history but overall students are given exposure to the political workings of various countries and regions globally. What better way to understand and grasp the development of a country's political system and environment than by analyzing and comparing it with other countries?

Never has there been a better time to pursue political science than today. Given the huge range of economic and social issues, including the current events that continue to unfold in the Middle East, political science majors have more than their fair share of raw material to work with. Those with a very keen interest in the matters of Iran, will find a political science major to be extremely helpful in putting things into perspective when it comes to understanding the strife and ongoing conflicts that appear to be never ending in this part of the world.

Thanks to the Internet, students can read the latest breaking Iran news at, along with a score of other online resources focused on informing everyone of what's happening at the ground level. But what makes Iran such a match for those fascinated by all things related to politics and government?

Based on its long history of conflict, Iran serves as the ideal case study for students learning about comparative politics. By comparison, Iran clearly has many faults in its government at the leadership level, which has ultimately lead to the suffering and dysfunction of its social institutions and its society as a whole. Trying to identify a solution isn't as black and white as most poli sci majors would think, which serves as a great challenge for their problem solving skills. Digging down deep into the country's past and seeing how certain groups/individuals can manipulate and influence government policies through fear, intimidation and even the killing of its people is a process that could take much longer than a semester/quarter of courses.

Just as a movie can have all the factors that appeal to an audience, the happenings in Iran contain everything that political science majors would find fascinating and worth diving into, in an effort to not only come to terms with how this country got to be the way it is today but being able to use the theories and analytical procedures they've been taught to try and figure out a way to bring the conflict to an end and achieve peace for its people.

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