Baltimore Town Founded

 The Carroll family offered a 60 acre tract of land near Cole's Harbor (now known as the Inner Harbor) in 1 acre lots. They named the 3 street towns Baltimore Town in honor of Cecil Calvert 2nd Baron of Baltimore, founder of the Maryland Colony.

First Ship of the US Navy

The first US Navy ship to enter service was launched from the Harris Creek Shipyard in Fell's Point on September 7, 1797. She was christened the USS Constellation and served in the US Fleet for more than 50 years, including campaigns against Tripoli and Great Britain.

Suburban Sprawl Takes Away Population

While the Baltimore city population has been in decline, the Baltimore-Towson metro area has continued to rise with an estimate of 2.6 million in 2004

Baltimore Riot

Racial tensions in Baltimore and throughout the rest of the country exploded shortly after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, TN. National Guard troops were called in to disperse the rioters. Over 1,000 fires were ignited, six people died, 700 people were injured, and 80 million dollars in property damage was reported

The Inner Harbor Takes Shape

Thanks to the vision of Baltimore's local government and business leaders, the downtown waterfront district was no longer a derelict port area once developer James Rouse's and architect Benjamin C. Thompson's Harbor place project opened in 1980. This multi-building entertainment and retail project was and continues to be the anchor of Baltimore's largest attraction, the Inner Harbor.



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